Write a Love Letter to the Ocean, Get Your Tweet Shown in Times Square

Posted by Brian Clark Howard of National Geographic News

By Leah Lamb

Venice, California-based Wemo Media is celebrating the launch of theBlu by honoring the ocean through a global love letter that will be featured on the Nasdaq screens in New York’s Times Square on May 4th. People in NYC will get to engage in the streets and see their faces and fish swim across the big screens from 5-11pm EST.

People around the world can virtually participate by tweeting and Facebooking their love letters to the ocean (selected comments will be featured on the Nasdaq screens). (Watch the Launch Live in Times Square on May 4th: http://bit.ly/theBluNYC)

For example, I recently tweeted: Dearest ocean, I love it when I step into u sometimes u get all crazy and crash on top of me reminding me of who’s really in charge. #theblu

If you prefer to Facebook your love letter, and want it to be considered for being on the big screens in Times Square, be sure and post on theBlu’s Facebook page. For nature-loving freaks like myself it’s kind of thrilling to get to see the hyperactive screens of consumerism in Times Square get taken over by images of the deep sea, with featured love letters to the ocean streaming in from around the world.

Meanwhile, sad to say, outside of my fantasies of swimming with whales and diving off the coast of Kauai, the majority of my thoughts about the ocean tend to gravitate toward frightening topics such as mercury poisoning, oils spills, acidification, over fishing, too much plastic…and on and on. I think that’s why I got excited when I was introduced to theBlu.

Every time I return to my computer, and theBlu pops up, it reminds me of my passion and love of the ocean, and as Jacques Cousteau said, “We protect the things we love.”

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