May Day Occupy protests – live coverage

A rainy start to the day in Bryant Park in New York. Photograph: James Fassinger

By The Guardian

Live coverage of Occupy and May Day protests in New York and other US cities, plus highlights from around the world

11.23am: Workers, unions and demonstrators have taken to the streets across the globe to mark May Day, and participants and locals have shared the scenes on Twitter.

11.18am: Our Karen McVeigh has more on the internal memo produced by the NYPD to guide officer response to today’s protests:

Produced by the NYPD SHIELD counterterrorism programme, it warns of possible “militant elements” among protesters and of disruptive activities, such as vandalism.

The briefing, dated April 27, 2012, noted there are “fissures” within the OWS movement and that a “respect for diversity of tactics” included vandalism.

It said: “The General Strike is the first of several major global demonstrations that the OWS movement has played a role in planning, including demonstrations scheduled for May 12, May 15 and May 17-21. As such, it should be expected that organizers have emphasized the important of turnout and will be seeking maximum media coverage.”

It warned that “pop-up” and splinter demonstrations and flash mobs may occur at any time especially during the evening actions.

The disruptive events referred to in the NYPD briefing include:
* an unpermited “wildcat march” at 1pm at Sara D Roosevelt Park. Organisers have advocated the use of so-called “Black-bloc” tactics to confront the police “sometimes violently” and cited the tactics used in the G20 summit in Pittsburgh when trash cans, rocks and barricades were used in confrontations with police.
* a “Bike Bloc” in which small groups of protesters on bikes would try to disrupt traffic
*attempts to block Manhattan-bound traffic at bridges and tunnels as well as attempts to stop ferry passengers.
* an NYPD hoodie march against police violence

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