Good Newz for J.Bad

Manny Fernandez, aka Lil Newz

J.Bad had been arrested for not being a U.S. citizen while being stopped for something else. And here he was, back at the session, wanting — needing — to dance. He was home.

Bad Newz was there. He danced a few times.

And Lil Newz, aka Manny Fernandez, got in the circle. He always does — with a lot of heart. He was hit by a car in 2010, broke his leg and got a concussion. Three months later he was back at the session.


The second reason the energy was so good tonight is that Miss Prissy brought a friend from her New York trip back with her. His name is Storyboard, and I think he said his style is mutation. He seemed to lack a skeletal structure the way he swerved and bent, and his muscular control was impeccable as he tilted his upper half backward to the ground and slowly crept up again. Effortless.

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