Bonfire Gets Extinguished by Fire Dept.

I wasn’t there myself this week, but someone posted a three-part video series on Facebook. Part 2 includes a bonfire, which is quickly extinguished by the fire department.  

Worm Takes Over, Storyboard Returns

Big crowd tonight. The highlight was Worm. He’s little, incredibly athletic and throws himself to the asphalt with complete abandon. He jumps high in the air, drops to his knees, belly on the ground, springing up from a backbend. I also saw my eighth woman enter the circle. Her name is Ladia Yates. I heard […]

Good Newz for J.Bad

J.Bad had been arrested for not being a U.S. citizen while being stopped for something else. And here he was, back at the session, wanting — needing — to dance. He was home. Bad Newz was there. He danced a few times. And Lil Newz, aka Manny Fernandez, got in the circle. He always does […]

Chase Bank Gets Krumped

As I pulled into the Ralph’s parking lot, I didn’t see a single person in any of the usual spots. Then I saw a crowd in front of the Chase bank. I have often imagined what a powerful statement it would make if the dancers krumped in front of the Chase bank. And now it […]

All Eyes on the Founders of Krump

  Tonight was bananas. The atmosphere was charged. Miss Prissy, Lil’ C and Mijo were there, three of the founders of krump. I also saw Larry the Clown. For those who have seen Rize, there is a scene where Tommy the Clown and Larry are sitting on a bed dissing krump. And here is Larry […]

Five Krumpers in a Circle

Not too many people at the session tonight. A little more than a handful. But they still got off. Photo by Francesco Belvedere One time each. A few of my favorites were there — Creez and Worm. I don’t think it was my first time seeing Unknown, but now I know his name. Chris, aka […]

Before Zuccotti Park…

Around 2:15 a.m. a police car rolls up flashing its siren. The police car slowly approaches the circle, then stops. It beams a spotlight in the group’s direction. Catching sight of the cops, a young man pushes the circle open into a half moon, giving them an unobstructed view. “Let them see we’re just dancing,” […]

Ralphs parking lot in the daytime

When I was filming my mini-doc about the 818 Session, I shot footage of the Ralphs parking lot in North Hollywood during the day. I never thought that this would be an interesting juxtaposition of images (day versus night) until Matthew Lahey at the Annenberg Lab commented to me how fascinating it was to him […]

Krumping at Carl’s Jr.

This was the first night I drove out to NoHo alone. I parked in my usual spot. Here’s a panorama shot of the Ralphs parking lot. There is a sign that with the following words: No Loitering. Is dancing loitering? I walked over to where the session would be happening tonight. Every week the circle […]

Introduction to the 818 Session

  The 818 Session is a krump circle that takes place every Wednesday at midnight in a Ralphs parking lot in North Hollywood. It is the subject of my thesis, and the focus of my L.A. Story Project for JOUR 599 with Sasha Anawalt. Below is a 15-minute documentary that my classmate Tshego Tee Letsoalo (of […]