Chase Bank Gets Krumped

As I pulled into the Ralph’s parking lot, I didn’t see a single person in any of the usual spots. Then I saw a crowd in front of the Chase bank. I have often imagined what a powerful statement it would make if the dancers krumped in front of the Chase bank. And now it […]

All Eyes on the Founders of Krump

  Tonight was bananas. The atmosphere was charged. Miss Prissy, Lil’ C and Mijo were there, three of the founders of krump. I also saw Larry the Clown. For those who have seen Rize, there is a scene where Tommy the Clown and Larry are sitting on a bed dissing krump. And here is Larry […]

Five Krumpers in a Circle

Not too many people at the session tonight. A little more than a handful. But they still got off. Photo by Francesco Belvedere One time each. A few of my favorites were there — Creez and Worm. I don’t think it was my first time seeing Unknown, but now I know his name. Chris, aka […]

Before Zuccotti Park…

Around 2:15 a.m. a police car rolls up flashing its siren. The police car slowly approaches the circle, then stops. It beams a spotlight in the group’s direction. Catching sight of the cops, a young man pushes the circle open into a half moon, giving them an unobstructed view. “Let them see we’re just dancing,” […]

Ralphs parking lot in the daytime

When I was filming my mini-doc about the 818 Session, I shot footage of the Ralphs parking lot in North Hollywood during the day. I never thought that this would be an interesting juxtaposition of images (day versus night) until Matthew Lahey at the Annenberg Lab commented to me how fascinating it was to him […]

Krumping at Carl’s Jr.

This was the first night I drove out to NoHo alone. I parked in my usual spot. Here’s a panorama shot of the Ralphs parking lot. There is a sign that with the following words: No Loitering. Is dancing loitering? I walked over to where the session would be happening tonight. Every week the circle […]

Introduction to the 818 Session

  The 818 Session is a krump circle that takes place every Wednesday at midnight in a Ralphs parking lot in North Hollywood. It is the subject of my thesis, and the focus of my L.A. Story Project for JOUR 599 with Sasha Anawalt. Below is a 15-minute documentary that my classmate Tshego Tee Letsoalo (of […]