Mass produce prints

1500 Mission Street
South Pasadena

Ellens is most famous for their promotional products, particularly corporation logos and brand identity. They are unique among other shops because their work has attracted a prestigious list of clients, including hit shows like HBO’s Ricky Gervais Show and AMC’s Mad Men. Pricey, but not devastating, their work shows good results.



GEMINI G.E.L. Graphic Edition
8365 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles

Gemini is intended only for experienced artists and is by appointment only. To inquire more, you should call or visit the place in person. No pricing information is given online.




518 East 59th Place
Los Angeles

Located in Southeast LA, Groovy Silk creates customized water base, vinyl and heat transfer prints with exceedingly low rates and high-quality, hand-made skill. They’re most famous for their quick turnaround on clothes, particularly t-shirts needed in bulk.



3020 Glendale Boulevard, Suite 200
Los Angeles

GYO’s BYO (Bring Your Own materials) price tag  is $0.50 per item. For mass production, Groovy Silk and Ellens offer a better rate but for smaller production runs, GYO is an affordable option.



1300 East First Street
Boyle Heights

Though more focused on craft than product mass, Self Help encourages duplicates of any work you’re making. Posters for shows, events and productions are most common here and can be seen throughout Boyle Heights, where the shop is located. You can also purchase their work on Etsy by searching Self Help Graphics. Striking prints are available for a mere $10.