Artists at HandPrints opening

Thank you to all the artists who contributed for our gallery show at Home Room! The opening reception was a blast. I especially enjoyed finally meeting some of the artists after weeks of email exchanges, introducing them to each other and introducing an audience to their work.

It was a pretty hectic night, so I didn’t get pictures of all the artists present with their pieces, but here are a few!

Obi-Ike Nwoke at Home Room     Joel Urias at Home Room

Obi-Ike Nwoke | “downtown from los angeles street” + Joel Urias | “Googleplexes and Super Highways,” “Clover Leaf,” “Amoebas”

 Elvira Clemente at Home Room     Daniel Rolnik at Home Room

Elvira Clemente | “Overwelming” + Daniel Rolnik | “Hi I’m Daniel”

Lou Morton at Home Room     Allison Peck at Home Room

Louis Morton | “Umbrella Party” + Allison Peck | “Remnants”

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