Interview with T-shirt design winner Elise Kane

elise kane at handprints opening

Woodland Hills resident Elise Kane is the artist behind “Octopus,” one of the two winning designs that we printed at our silkscreening workshop last month. We followed up with her with a few questions about her experience.

Where did you first learn the art of printmaking, and intaglio specifically?

I learned intaglio and screenprinting while still a student at UC Davis. My intaglio instructor was Stella Ebner and my screenprinting instructor was Malaquias Montoya, who is known for his art activism in and on behalf of the Chicano community.

What was the octopus print originally created for?

We had been given an assignment in Stella Ebner’s class to create a series that demonstrated the development of a drawing on the metal intaglio plate. In other words, everyone created prints for each of six or seven stages of their etchings. When laid side by side in chronological order, your prints told the story of how that drawing came to fruition.

How did it feel first seeing 100+ votes for your design on the website and then seeing people print it on shirts?

To be honest, in my mind, I think those votes were a fluke. However, in the end, I hope people enjoyed the design.

Have you been wearing your octopus shirt every day?

I didn’t make a shirt for myself because I wanted to use ink colors that weren’t available at the demo. I printed shirts for my parents at the demo, though. My dad has one in blue on a white background to evoke the Dodgers, which is his favorite baseball team. My mom has one in green.

Now that you have the octopus silkscreen as a prize, are you going to print more?

Yes! I’ll be buying inks to print the shirts I didn’t get a chance to make for myself, then one for my brother. Maybe I’ll get around to making some greeting cards too. Thank you to coLAb for the unexpected prize! I’m grateful to have been able to share some work alongside some very talented people. It was a neat show.

More of Elise’s artwork and design can be seen on her Coroflot page.

HandPrints artists roster, blogs and portfolios

crowd at L.A. HandPrints openingI want to be sure to give credit to all the artists who are currently showing in the L.A. HandPrints show at Home Room, especially since not all are showing in our online gallery.

So, go to the real-life gallery to see:

Please check out their websites and blogs, and tell them you saw their work in the show. Let’s stay connected, yeah?

T-shirt design winners!

We tallied up the votes from the website and the opening reception, and the winners are…

Octopus by Elise Kane  downtown from los angeles street by Obi-Ike Nwoke
“Octopus” by Elise Kane                                                                                   “downtown from los angeles street” by Obi-Ike Nwoke

Congratulations to the artists and thank you to everyone who voted!

Today I dropped the images off at Screen Depot on Main Street to be burned onto silkscreens. By Wednesday they’ll be ready to print onto your T-shirts at our screenprinting workshop! The images are black here, but we’ll have a handful of colors to mix and match with. Bring your own shirt if you can, or we’ll have a pile of gems hand-picked from Out of the Closet.

Forecast says rain, but it will be nice and cozy at Home Room. Live music will be provided by DANK WILLIAMS and our own classmate, MS. CULPRIT.

Artists at HandPrints opening

Thank you to all the artists who contributed for our gallery show at Home Room! The opening reception was a blast. I especially enjoyed finally meeting some of the artists after weeks of email exchanges, introducing them to each other and introducing an audience to their work.

It was a pretty hectic night, so I didn’t get pictures of all the artists present with their pieces, but here are a few!

Obi-Ike Nwoke at Home Room     Joel Urias at Home Room

Obi-Ike Nwoke | “downtown from los angeles street” + Joel Urias | “Googleplexes and Super Highways,” “Clover Leaf,” “Amoebas”

 Elvira Clemente at Home Room     Daniel Rolnik at Home Room

Elvira Clemente | “Overwelming” + Daniel Rolnik | “Hi I’m Daniel”

Lou Morton at Home Room     Allison Peck at Home Room

Louis Morton | “Umbrella Party” + Allison Peck | “Remnants”

L.A. Zine Fest Screenprinting Social at Home Room

Home Room joined forces with L.A. Zine Fest on Feb. 8 to give demonstrations in screenprinting T-shirts. For a $5 cover, we were all invited to choose a blank thrift store shirt, pick one of three Zine Fest designs drawn by local artists, and print a piece of clothing to wear right out of the gallery.

group standing around printer     shirts and paint     stencil burned on screen     girl with silk screen       inking the screen     finished shirt     people chatting at event     guy printing          pink close-up     guy printing     girl printing

Photos by Cara Rifkin.



Open Studio Sale at Factory Place Arts Complex

Down an unkempt street in the gloomy Industrial District east of downtown, six unassuming buildings make up the Factory Place Arts Complex. Quite literally a factory of art, these buildings are live/work spaces for L.A. artists, with studios, apartments and a swimming pool.

On Feb. 26 the complex hosted a sparsely attended Open Studio Sale. Karen Fiorito’s Buddha Cat Press and rock concert poster artist John E. Miner were both displaying and selling work.

Buddha Cat Press at Factory Place     Buddha Cat shirts     artwork on display     printed vinyl     artwork on display     artwork on display     prints by John E. Miner     Ryan from Art Is Shit and John E. Miner     John E. Miner and rock poster prints

Photos by Elisa Hough.