This project grew out of an arts reporting class at the University of Southern California, where we are all graduate students in the Specialized Journalism (the Arts) master’s program.

Our interest in exploring printmaking in Los Angeles grew out of the Norton Simon’s Pacific Standard Time print retrospective exhibit, “Proof.” We began wondering if printmaking might be an art form that is a metaphor for all of Los Angeles — encompassing elements of mass-produced commercialism, high art fit for museums, DIY art fit for telephone poles, educational and promotional outlets.

We thought we would cover it all, but instead of trying to pretend that we know everything about this expansive medium in this expansive city, we decided to engage this community by exhibiting artwork, sharing resources and hosting our own events. Maybe along the way we can prove our hypothesis to be true, but for now we just want to share this site for showcase and discussion.


Kat Bouza — Web Designer
Suburban sprawl, disaffected middle class youth and reactionary underground music are my bread and butter. I take my love of these American anomalies and apply them to academic research; I am currently compiling an oral history of legendary Southern California record label SST, preserving a little bit of the Los Angeles scene. When I’m not knee-deep in hardcore history, I write for GET BENT. I also like vinyl, garage rock, good burgers and vintage Fenders. Visit my website for more junk.




Elisa Hough — Production Coordinator
When I was in high school, my mom taught me how to screenprint. I printed crude stencils of guitars and keyboards on T-shirts, consigned them to a little boutique at Sacramento and got really excited when I found out one had been shoplifted. At UC Davis, I taught screenprinting workshops at the craft center. My favorite part of the teaching process was watching people lift up the screens to see their designs, the moment they realize they can create. That realization is my creation. Email Elisa at ehough[at]usc.edu.




Erin Leiker — Graphic Designer
Collecting knowledge like old tin signs seems to be what I’m best at. But every so often I get the gumption to forge my own sign and put something original into the world. Sometimes it’s tech-based, sometimes architecture, sometimes words, and yet other times it’s graphics. With coLAb and L.A. HandPrints, it was the rarest invitation to try my hand at alchemy and mix them all together. Email Erin at leiker[at]usc.edu.




Cara Rifkin — Field Producer
I am a student in the Masters in Specialized Journalism (The Arts) program at the University of Southern California and have worked for Authentic Entertainment, KCET Departures, and OCinSite.com. I love discovering new restaurants and traveling to new places, and I hope to draw on these passions in my work as a producer and journalist. Email Cara at crifkin[at]usc.edu.




Harry Vaughn — Content Manager
I’m a grad student at USC and a contributing writer for Artillery Mag based in LA. Exploring printmaking has opened my eyes to this city’s art scene but my background is in film and theater. For three years I covered film for the Weekly Dig in Boston and got my BFA in acting. Now I’m living in South Pasadena and interning at the Sundance Institute. Email Harry at harryjvaughn[at]gmail.com.