Printmaking in L.A.

The art of printmaking, including silkscreen, lithograph, linocut, wood block and etching, has a rich history in Los Angeles. It's a diverse form, adaptable to high art, DIY craft, commercial and promotional works.

This website, curated by arts journalism students at the University of Southern California, aims to unite and present all these avenues of print and their artists.

All the artwork featured on this site is submitted by local artists. Submit your own and be a part of the project!

Is it still handcrafted if it’s from an iPhone?

  The folks at Lumi have created an iOS app called Lumitype, and used it as the basis for … Keep reading>>

Your daily dose of Gemini

Lithograph sketches of the Walt Disney Concert Hall by Frank Gehry, presumably made before he built … Keep reading>>

Interview with T-shirt design winner Elise Kane

Woodland Hills resident Elise Kane is the artist behind "Octopus," one of the two winning designs … Keep reading>>

elise kane at handprints opening

Online submissions still open!

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Suck it, Dennis Hopper

Gallery 1988 has a pretty striking, off-kilter collection of Hollywood-inspired … Keep reading>>

Tyler Durden-approved

From Art is Shit Editions in LA, artist Ryan McIntosh places airplane safety manuals over found … Keep reading>>

Oh Matrushka, what nice polka dots you have!

This Silver Lake boutique prints custom tailored (aprox $80) dresses that range from hipster-safe to … Keep reading>>

Your daily dose of Gemini

Oh hey, Jasper Johns.   Untitled ,  1992  ( JJ92-1305 ) 8 color lithograph 38 3/4" x 31 … Keep reading>>

That’ll do, buddha pig, that’ll do

These slightly frightening, but also strangely adorable prints by Karen Fiorito at Buddha Cat Press … Keep reading>>

Sexy new Self Help site now up and running

                    & … Keep reading>>

A conversation with the L.A. HandPrints creators

1) What was the experience of seeing the prints online first, and then live in the Home Room … Keep reading>>

la handprints team usc

HandPrints screenprinting workshop video and demo

Selected by 250 + people on our site, "Octopus" by Elise Kane and “downtown from los angeles street” … Keep reading>>

screenprinting workshop
Submissions from L.A. printmakers

Moths Mouse Gods Octopus Diagnosis - Beatlemania The Red Cat Return of the Divine Feminine Umbrella Party Have You Heard untitled downtown, from los angeles street