VIDEO: Education Through Music-LA Backs Up Los Angeles Schools

Where there is a music education hole to fill in schools in Los Angeles and the surrounding area, Education Through Music-LA swoops in to offer support.

Upon moving to Los Angeles from New York City, where Education Through Music was developed, Executive Director Victoria Lanier, 34, noticed that many of the city’s disadvantaged schools lacked the resources for comprehensive arts education.  Lanier established he first independent chapter of Education Through Music in 2006, with a goal of bringing balance to the distribution of music education programs in schools.  Operating on a “support rather than supplant” philosophy, Education Through Music-LA offers services that complement the work of school music teachers and classes that are already in place, and steps back when programs become self-sufficient.

In its relatively short history, Education Through Music-LA has gathered influential voices to speak for the value of music education in schools, including The Office character Ed Helms, violin virtuoso and advisory board member Joshua Bell, and the cast of the hit television show Glee.  And the nonprofit organization continues to grow, with plans to reach over 4.500 Los Angeles students in 2012.

Lanier’s wish, however, is that one day music education in schools will benefit from the advocacy of Education Through Music-LA and community organizations like it, so that its services will no longer be needed.  Until that time, Education Through Music-LA will continue to reach out to the students and schools who wish to learn the “brilliance, joy, and creativity” of music.

For information on how to contribute, sponsor a school, or volunteer with Education Through Music-LA, click here.