Southeast Symphony (SESA) Conservatory of Music

It is the mission of the Southeast Symphony Association, Inc. to enhance cultural appreciation and understanding of the value of music as we endeavor to strengthen the fabric of the community by means of free symphonic concerts, and educating and promoting the musical talents of youth. SESA provides low/no cost instrumental music instruction to youngsters. […]

L.A. Chamber Orchestra Debuts Piano-Playing Celebration

Before sunrise Thursday, April 12, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra Music Director Jeffrey Kahane came upon an upright piano standing fountain-side in downtown Los Angeles’s California Plaza.  Coated in blue paint and ornamented with circles designed by members of the Braille Institute of Los Angeles, the piano awaited its debut later that same day as one of […]

You Can’t Baroque This

What do you get when you take the Prelude from Bach’s Cello Suite, 8 strings that descend in pitch as they shorten, nodes that orbit through the strings as the pluck, cross it with the Pythagorean Theorem and spit it out in Java script and HTML 5? A very cool music doodle! You too can […]

VIDEO: Education Through Music-LA Backs Up Los Angeles Schools

Where there is a music education hole to fill in schools in Los Angeles and the surrounding area, Education Through Music-LA swoops in to offer support. Upon moving to Los Angeles from New York City, where Education Through Music was developed, Executive Director Victoria Lanier, 34, noticed that many of the city’s disadvantaged schools lacked […]