Learning Music through Puppetry

Sometimes music education comes cloaked in a somewhat unassuming robe. For instance, did you ever imagine that you could learn rhythm, flow and coordination through puppet play? Well, music plays a huge role in puppet mastery. A good puppeteer can make it look like the puppet is actually singing just by perfecting their bounce and hand coordination. The Puppet School was founded here in Los Angeles by four-time Emmy Award-winner and Jim Henson Protege, Michael Earle. You might know him better as Mr. Snuffleupagus on Sesame Street. The Puppet School offers classes for youth and adults alike and include everything puppet, from puppet making to theater performances.

Tell me this is not the puppet version of Whitney Houston?


Here is a sneak peak into the first few days of puppet school:

For more info visit www.puppetschool.com.