Dudamel: Kids are Pros

“Music is a fundamental human right.” -Gustavo Dudamel

Gustavo Dudamel made music education one of his top priorities as LA Philharmonic music director. Even before he assumed the post here, he spent time with the LA Phil’s Youth Orchestra Los Angeles (YOLA) students at Expo Center south of downtown. And his first official downbeat as LA Phil music director in October 2009 came not in front of the pros in the LA Phil, but with the students of one of the YOLA at Expo Center orchestras. Together, they performed Beethoven’s Ode to Joy on stage in front of 18,000+ at the Hollywood Bowl.

YOLA at the Hollywood Bowl

The YOLA at Expo Center students have worked extensively with Gustavo Dudamel. Here they are rehearsing at Walt Disney Concert Hall.

It’s not just the YOLA at Expo Center musicians who get to work with Gustavo Dudamel, though. Recently, he paid a couple of visits to YOLA at HOLA–just west of downtown in the Rampart District. Dudamel offered up some sound advice to the aspiring young musicians, many of whom had played their instruments not even for a full year.