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As it has with many “niche” genres and artforms, the internet has brought a lot of attention to film music. It has connected fans of the music who thought they were the only ones, it has given birth to several independent record labels that produce new and old soundtracks (and now have the means to know who their audience is and connect with them). Composers can disseminate their music in new ways through the web, fans can communicate and collaborate on projects, and fans can also publish their own reviews, interviews, and articles like never before.

Here are some videos, links, and other fun film music stuff from around the web:

Fan Communities

Film Score Monthly was a simple fanzine started by a college student on Martha’s Vineyard back in 1990. It grew in content and readership over the years, eventually becoming the industry magazine on the subject, read by film composers and other professionals as well as fans. In 2005 it became Film Score Monthly Online, and continues to feature composer interviews, in-depth articles, score album reviews, and other features. The FSM message board is the liveliest, most populated forum for film music fans anywhere.

Communities/forums dedicated to specific composers: – The John Williams Fan network

Comprehensive list of other composer fan sites.

Fan Projects

The Doctor Who Fan Orchestra is just that, a collective of fans of the hit BBC show from around the world, playing some of the show’s themes (written by composer Murray Gold) part by part to create a virtual orchestra performance.


Find all of their performances here.

Record Labels

Film Score Monthly


La La Land


Review/interview Sites

Film Score Click Track