Education Through Music-Los Angeles

Image courtesy Education Through Music-LA and Victoria Lanier

Education Through Music – Los Angeles supports music education in inner-city elementary and middle schools with supplemental music programming, tools, and instructors.

From the Education Through Music-LA website:
 ETM-LA believes that:
  • All children benefit from having music as part of their regular studies
  • Children benefit most when their music education features the same rigor as other academic subjects, specifically: high-quality teaching and professionalism among music faculty; strong leadership; a comprehensive and sequential curriculum; and accountability for student learning outcomes
  • School leaders and communities who are aware of the value of music education to their children will find a way to implement and institutionalize a well-balanced curriculum that includes music for all children.

Founded in 2006 and based on a model of partnerships between trained teaching artists, students, and schools, Education Through Music-LA serves 4,500 school-age students in the Los Angeles metropolitan area with music instruction that leads to concerts for the community. Many students have the opportunity to join up with television and film stars to share in the joy of music-making.

Recent budget projections were listed at nearly $225,500, with over 80% of available financial resources going towards programming expenses. Education Through Music-LA does not ask for tuition or fees, but donations and sponsorships are encouraged. Contact the organization by phone or via