Elfman’s Music Propels IRIS Off the Silver Screen

IRIS is Cirque du Soleil’s acrobatic nod to cinema, staged inside the Hollywood-heavy Kodak Theatre. It premiered on September 25th last year, and is slated to run for a decade. It is an homage to film and film history—stylistically, thematically, and technically—and appropriately moves to the music of film composer Danny Elfman. The show is, […]

Film Music Around the Web

As it has with many “niche” genres and artforms, the internet has brought a lot of attention to film music. It has connected fans of the music who thought they were the only ones, it has given birth to several independent record labels that produce new and old soundtracks (and now have the means to […]

Celebrating Los Angeles studio musicians

This video was created to promote a company, cinesamples, that facilitates recording with Los Angeles contract musicians remotely. But in many ways it’s a celebration of the players around town who play film music, and are considered the best in the world.

Joey Newman and the Young Musicians Foundation

Joey Newman is a third-generation film and television composer, from the most legendary family in town. (The Newman clan includes Alfred—who scored over 200 films, beginning in the early days of talkies—singer/songwriter and composer Randy Newman, Thomas, David, and Joey’s grandfather Lionel—to name just a few.) He currently writes the music for the ABC comedy […]

Los Angeles and Movie Music

Whoever you are, you’re almost guaranteed to know film music. You can probably hum the Star Wars theme. You’d recognize the ominous two-note motif from Jaws. You’d recoil with recognition from the shrieking strings of Psycho. I also bet you’d recognize the blaring horns from Inception, the sweeping theme from Dances with Wolves, and the […]