Music happens all over Los Angeles—not just at Capitol Records, the south side’s Crenshaw District, or Los Angeles Philharmonic concerts. But its value is regularly contested by those who hold the purse strings.

In March 2012, Los Angeles United School District purposed budget cuts that threaten to leave 180,000 children without access to public musical arts education, a branch that has been shown in multiple scientific studies to improve class and test performance, and increase students’ creative capabilities. This raised a lot of questions for us as arts journalists and supporters. What does this mean for the future of music education? What does this mean for the development of our children?

LyricalLA highlights local music programs and the remarkable people who run them, to the benefit of everyone in their respective neighborhoods. Our goal is to provide a platform where everyone can share their own musical Los Angeles story, so that we might then compile them onto The Music Map, a community-wide music education resource.

We urge you to take the bait! Sing your song and join the map. Your voice is needed to tell the stories about music that otherwise go unheard.


Brian Lauritzen is an award-winning arts journalist for Classical KUSC. Brian also produces and hosts concert broadcasts of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and podcasts for the Behind the Curtain at LA Opera and the LA Chamber Orchestra.
Leslie Velez is an arts and culture writer based in Los Angeles. She uses her background in music performance and business to advocate for the arts and explore new models of audience engagement. Leslie would love to help you share your story. Email her at leslie.velez08@gmail.com.
Tim Greiving writes about film music in soundtrack liner notes and for the magazine Film Score Monthly Online. He recently wrote his thesis on the Hollywood career of French composer Georges Delerue, and is working on turning it into a full biography. Find him at timgreiving.com.
Rebecca Bernard is the Chief Cultivator of TheCulturedSeed.com, an online community for parents growing globally minded children through cultural enrichment. She is an ardent supporter of the arts and is an advocate for every child living their best life.