AKA: grime, sublow, Eight-bar and eskibea

Example artists: Skream, Digital Mystikz,

What it is: A subtle wobble bass–often being played as a melody in a register so low it effects the bowels–under jazz, reggae and rock samples. Some variations feature a rapper or multiple MCs.

“It’s a sound coming from the imaginations of the first generation to have grown up surrounded by digital technology – from gaming consoles and computers to mobile phones, CD burners and MP3 players.” –Kevin Braddock, the U.K. Independent, 2004

“The sound evolved from the U.K.’s low-end-heavy garage and drum ‘n’ bass scenes. But instead of the hyperkinetic beats spawning light storms of glow sticks, dubstep focused on head-nodding swells of buzz-saw bass. Though the first word in the compound “dubstep” might lead people to associate it with dub, the instrumental chill-outs crafted by Jamaica’s most innovative producers are merely distant relatives.” –Drew Tewksbury, L.A. Weekly, 2010