What it is: Post-dubstep is the term used for music that is dubstep-based but doesn’t follow the convention of bpms and drops and the like. It’s generally slower but with the emphasis still on the bass and anything with bass plus electronic trippiness can count as post-dubstep. Some sound surprisingly like electronic indie-rock tunes.

Post-genres come at a time when it appears the main genre may be starting to wane, losing vitality and sell out for commercial rewards. Post-genres basically give people a final chance to jump the ship before shit starts to hit the fan. And before Skrillex (the shit) hits dubstep (the fan) Post-dubstep looks to be the final chance for people to escape. Nah just kidding, but in all seriousness, this was the year that the sub-genre came into its own, fantastic debuts were released that reaffirmed the subgenre as something that was worthy of having its own name.

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Sounds like: Alien instruments with bass and light trippy drums – electronic melodies and usually some vocals

Examples: James Blake, Burial, Jamie XX