AKA: Fratstep, American Dubstep

What it is: Brostep is what some call American dubstep which focuses less on the sub bass and more on the mid-ranges. The influences of brostep is mainly metal rock which has the same bpm and the same kind of mosh-pit inducing frenzy. Skrillex may be the most obvious (and contentious) example of brostep, his musical background is after all emo punk band From First to Last.

It tends to be more hard-hitting and less subtle than the kind you make. I suppose you could even call it brainless and throbbing.

And yeah, that “wub wub wub” you hear projecting from our house? Definitely fratstep. But you’re reading too much into it, brah! I can assure you the music is not any sort of misogynist or philosophical statement. It’s just part of the atmosphere of daily life on the row. The fratmosphere.


Sounds like: think of the crunch and crashes of metal and imagine that being made by electronic sounds that sound like robot porn.

Examples: Skrillex, 12th Planet