DubstepIFICATION: With Wobbly Remixes, Dubstep Makes Its Way Into Mainstream Pop Music

Britney Spears, "Hold It Against Me" via adrianhummel.com

Today’s dubstep as it pertains to the pop world has seen a dramatic shift. The most notable is from the Princess of Pop herself, Britney Spears. Her hit single “Hold It Against Me,” has integrated dubstep into the bridge of the song. The simple yet effective dubstep break happens (around 2:19 in the video below) when Spears sings “Gimme something good/ Don’t want to wait, I want it now/ Drop it like a hood, and show me how you work it out.”

We weren’t the only people to notice this change. Back at the beginning of 2011, Los Angeles-based Skrillex, dubbed as the “Prince of Dubstep,” said in an MTV interview that he believed “the more the stuff that is underground becomes mainstream, the more the underground is gonna change. I think it’s gonna inspire people to obviously do something different.”

“I thought the track [“Against Me”] was great overall. I’ll be honest, man: I love Max Martin. I think he’s an absolute genius. And Dr. Luke did it, right? I think they are a f—ing dream team. I love the track! [However] I thought the dubstep part was unnecessary. Not to say it was done wrong. I feel like it was very self-aware and consciously put in there to be ‘the dubstep part.’ I can see a lot of people getting pissed about it — the purist dubstep and drum and bass fans — but at the end of the day, it’s cool that people are trying new things. Sooner or later, anything that happens in the underground — be it watered down or not — it always makes itself into the mainstream. It’s cool to hear.”

Read more from Skrillex’s Interview with MTV here.

Rusko, a UK dubstep artist, also helped produce the track, along with Max Martin and Dr. Luke, and takes responsibility for the brostep sound which this bridge most resembles.

The dubstep world is also infiltrating the pop world by featuring remixes of popular songs. Adele, Kanye West, Foster the People and Ellie Goulding, just to name a few, have seen their songs receive this treatment. So what does this mean for dubstep? I believe this growing trend is helping foster the movement and is bringing dubstep to the forefront of mainstream culture. Plus the songs, with their up beat tempos and heart pounding beats are fun to listen and dance to. Check out these dubstepIFIED songs below.







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