[VIDEO] “Why Do You Listen To Dubstep?” Street Interview with Local Fan Alias Fernandez


Why is dubstep so appealing to L.A. fans? The genre’s popularity has skyrocketed over the years and has made its way into the mainstream music scene. With growing technology, the art form has been made easily accessible to a widespread audience and has allowed that audience to create beats of their own.

But what makes the wobbly bass and electronic music so appealing? We went to Dim Mak Studios and interviewed Alias Fernandez on what he thinks about Dubstep in this modern age. We also spoke to him about his first dubstep experience, who can make dubstep, and how he not only utilizes his computer to create beats but how he uses live instruments as well.

Check out his interview below:

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[VIDEO] On Process and Computers: In The Studio With Dubstep Artist COMA

Most people who have an idea of what goes into making Dubstep or electronic music know there’s some equipment involved: a computer, a keyboard, good speakers — and in the most extreme minimalist situations, a laptop, a set of hands, and a brain. With this set-up, much of the creation process is internalized. But that doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Dubstep artist COMA, an electronic music producer for over 10 years, has his process down. We talked software, decision-making, and time it takes to make a single track. Got a lot of meaty info from this guy, more to come. Here’s a quick snippet from the session.


[VIDEO] March 22, 2012: RIZO Presents Pussy Power with Reid Speed and Shortee

Our dubstepping cameras went out to Los Globos in Echo Park for Pussy Power. Were you there? We captured some dubstep music from some amazing women and watched the crowd dance and get pumped up. Check it out: