We are a group of journalists, videographers, culture mongers and music fans trying to track a music movement in motion. Through a mixture of street-level interactions and internet trolling, we are hoping to compile a coherent story of dubstep in Los Angeles.

As you read this, dubstep is morphing, using its malleable shape to conform, absorb and reflect the elements of its environment. Los Angeles is an important laboratory in today’s dubstep sound and this site is a resource for anyone interested in understanding the genre, from curious bypassers to diehard fans.

We welcome and encourage contributions from anyone and everyone with something to say. Shoot us an email and well get you started!

Team Dubstep is:

Sarah Bennettsarah@wespeakdub.com
Web Developer, Managing Editor

Sarah Bennett is a writer and designer who has done the editorial-board thing, but is currently freelancing for a variety of local, national and international publications. She writes about music, art, beer, bikes, and culture for L.A. Record, L.A. Weekly, O.C. Weekly, City Beat Long Beach, Greater Long Beach, Paper Magazine and Beer Advocate. Originally from Los Angeles, Sarah now lives in Downtown Long Beach and reports lovingly on the DIY subcultures in the city of her birth.



Melissa Kaplanmelissa@wespeakdub.com
Web Producer, Community Manager

Melissa Kaplan is a professional Web person who has worked for newsrooms, private publishers and entrepreneurial spirits creating and curating content. Most notably, she has worked as a multimedia journalist for Marketplace and The Boston Globe. Her interest in Dubstep is fueled by her love for performing and writing music, and passion for experiencing emerging trends.



Larry Dechantlarry@wespeakdub.com
Multimedia Journalist

Larry Dechant is a Multimedia Journalist studying for his masters in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Southern California. Writing, editing, shooting and producing all of his stories, he works as an intern at Nightline on ABC and assists the Los Angeles producer with stories coming out of the LA area. His passion for music and the arts are driving forces behind his desire to report. Larry lives in Los Angeles.

Tee Letsaolotee@wespeakdub.com
Content Coordinator

Tee Letsoalo is the token South African of the program whose thesis topic happens to be on dubstep in Los Angeles. She received radio and writing experience at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa where she got a Bachelor of Journalism degree. Tee’s interest in the bass genre has to do with her love of music in general – especially when it comes to the shared live experiences that are part of the essence of dubstep.